Mind Traveler LP

by Blackwülf

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Frederick Jones
Frederick Jones thumbnail
Frederick Jones Super cool red vinyl. Sounds even better than it looks, Last song was the stand out for me but that's not to say the others are not any less. The whole album is killer just "Beastmasters" completes the album and a great song to close it out. Favorite track: Beastmasters.
Bucky thumbnail
Bucky Great band, here's a review I did a while back. Go see them live. And they have a new one coming out later this year. Stay tuned! ripplemusic.blogspot.com/2014/06/blackwulf-mind-traveler.html Favorite track: Royal Pine.
Brian Allen
Brian Allen thumbnail
Brian Allen Dig this entire record, front to back. A fundamentally heady melange of the heavy and the introspective, Mind Traveler brings a banquet of vacationettes. More than one favorite here. (The Prophet, Beastmasters, GNC...)
\m/ Favorite track: Thunderwitch.
Soshanna ♥
Soshanna ♥ thumbnail
Soshanna ♥ This is the kind of album that keeps me coming back to Bandcamp over & over again.

Doomy, riff heavy melodic rhythms with CLEAN passionate vocals. Perfect!! I am a fan of Blackwulf already and I want to thank Ear Munchies for your nice write-up otherwise I might not have seen this. Cheers! Favorite track: Beastmasters.
ΛΔΛΜ thumbnail
ΛΔΛΜ Psychedelic doom with a huge bag of riffs. Takes my head back to bands like Cathedral and early Mustasch. With some killer artwork to boot. Cool stuff. Favorite track: Thunderwitch.
  • Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

    Full-length premier independent vinyl LP release “Mind Traveler”, pressed on transparent red vinyl. Wrapped in a jacket drawn by San Francisco artist Alan Forbes, with color and layout courtesy of Oakland's Lucky Mule. The eight song release features doom cloaked soundscapes and vintage heavy metal, para-psychological aggression, bombast, and swords & sorcery, all hanging on bluesy, head-banging riffs.

    This is limited release of only 500 records.

    Includes unlimited streaming of Mind Traveler LP via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
    ships out within 3 days
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    All shirts are a five color screen print on high quality 100% American Apparel "style" shirts. The Youth size is printed on Fruit of the Loom.

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released January 11, 2014


Blackwülf is:

Alex Cunningham - Vocals
Pete Holmes - Guitar
Dave Pankenier - Drums
Scott Peterson - Bass

Recorded at Trakworx (www.trakworx.com)
Produced by Blackwülf

Contact: info@blackwulfusa.com
Website: www.blackwulfusa.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/blackwulfusa



all rights reserved



Blackwülf Oakland, California

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Track Name: Speed Queen
Speed Queen

Speed Queen, your body’s my disease
I’m suffering and need to make you mine
I could be wrong, but the feelings are too strong
I’ve lost the will to fight for what had been

What could I do?
What’s got to happen to stop this affliction?

When you’re near, my thoughts no longer clear
I’ve reached a mental peak of sheer alarm
My mind’s bewitched, all logic has been switched
Forever lost, my state of peace and calm

What could I do?
I’m not able to stop my addiction

Into the gutter my mind starts to wander and weave
Embraced in this struggle our bodies heave
Track Name: Royal Pine
Royal Pine - (Holmes/Cunningham)

Worshiping the Bodhi tree
will protect you and enlighten
The aged tree is the only thing
that connects the dead with life eternal

These guardians of the souls of men
must be protected with our magic
It’s clear to see why the elder priests
praise, protect, revere and respect them

Our ancient trees protect the deceased
and connect us with our creator
The sacred grove enshrines our love
and provides asylum in their living temple

The Attis pine is a pathway to human emotion
Cleanses guilt from your soul, provides your resurrection
Track Name: Thunderwitch

In times of need I can turn on to another world
shown to only those who seek
I can travel to dimensions
which are offering the knowledge that you need
Into your mind I will climb inside
and banish the infections of your soul
And collect the clues to heal you,
while I leave my body writhing on the floor

To gain insight you must shed yourself from your boundaries
And sacrifice all this world has bestowed onto you

To have the power to guide you
an intense initiation must be passed
I must navigate through darkness
to find the path to light within our grasp
Take my hand, you’ll understand,
as I bring you through religious ecstasy
History provides me with the tools
designed to guide and set you free

Prepare your mind
to release your soul from your body
So you can enter the world
where your dreams will start speaking to you

Drink from the cup and connect to the spirits who’ll guide you
Allow yourself to drift and retrieve what is known
Tap into the ancient wisdom and power
See the stories told and bring them back with you to show

To gain insight you must shed yourself from your boundaries
And sacrifice all this world has bestowed onto you
Track Name: G.N.C.

I’m only half the man that you want me to be
As we lay hoof to hand there’s no denying what’s behind me
Our time was marked eternal as I pulled the veil from over your eyes
Wounded by misfortune, I am harnessed to this disguise
Say goodbye
You’ll never ride…

Equine slayers born
Skilled in Delta archery
On mount with lathered horn
Get set to unleash our savagery

I gave no early warning when I released my bow between your thighs
Avenged the blood of Chiron
The G.N.C. won’t be denied
You’ll never ride…

Legions, Unite!
Track Name: (un)Frozen In Time
(un)Frozen in Time

We were flying round the world in a private jet
Bringing rock n’ roll to the ladies and gents
All systems failed as we flew over the North
We impaled a glacier, then history unfolds
A temporary stop as time drove forward
The world continued to rock n’ roll
After thirty five years, global warming has freed us
And we’re here once again to take control

Time Travelers, (un)Frozen in Time

What could have been wrong, is nothing but right
You better strap in for some damage tonight
The blade of the axe slices right through the drum kit
Then right through your hearts, your souls and your minds
Your bodies they’re what’s on the agenda
We’re staying all night, but tomorrow we roll
Get back here quick, if you’re cute you can join us
Our backstage party is out of control

Time Travelers, (un)Frozen in Time
Track Name: The Prophet
The Prophet

Unto the pure, all things are true
Defiled, the unbelieving
But be shrewd the guide you choose

Those who seek truth, must venture from
Those who strive to be deceiving
The deceived will harrow you

The prophet is searching for you
For those of you looking to be saved
He’ll try to lay hands onto you

About life’s design, you’ve been guessing
So you look to divination
To direct your worried mind

But what you want to know, they don’t have it stored
In the annex of the guided
You must find your way alone

The prophet will pray upon you
Those that follow will be saved
But it’s your fear he’ll cultivate

The words of the prophet, are masking lies
The path to Hell, was forged by guides

The prophet is praying on you
Trust him and you will be enslaved
The prophet is preying on you
He’ll lay his hands onto you
And with your fears he’ll manipulate
Track Name: Capp Street
Capp Street

I took a ride down Capp St.
My friend was sitting next to me
He said he needed a lady
A rub, a tug and a squeeze…from a sleaze
Someone not too hard to please

So he got...
A toothless bearded hag
A worn out porno mag
It’s a dirty trick to play… with a friend
I think I got the bends

We headed down to Dan’s house
He said he left us a key
We walked upstairs, I just sat and stared
What I saw I couldn’t believe …it was obscene
Downright frightening

Don’t be with a…
A toothless bearded hag
A worn out porno mag
It’s a dirty trick to play… with a friend
I think I got the bends
Track Name: Beastmasters

From the darkest depths of Mordor,
shone a light through the smoky haze
It provided us all with a vision,
left disciples in the wake
The prophets provided counsel,
and united us all in a pact
Now we’re here to gather an army,
of those of you who are ready to act


With legions of sinners and pagans,
from upon whom which we can pull
We call on you to join us,
in evil’s ultimate duel
So gather up weapons of knowledge,
and steel forged to rip and tear
Plug into our electric power,
and wield your energy into the air


…We just need to keep it alive ‘til tomorrow
…We just need to keep it alive though the day

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